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Little Women is an online retailer of high quality lingerie, with a focus on small cup sized bras. Little Women is the only known online retailer offering AAA cup sizes. The current directors bought the business two years ago, and since then sales have grown substantially.

In spite of a UK-focused approach to date in terms of content and promotion, the website has attracted visitors and sales from all over the world. This reactive export success has led the company to decide to more actively grow export sales.

Following a tip off from International Trade Adviser, Jo Marriott, the company commissioned an International Communications Review with one of the original advisers, Mary, in September 2016.

Within two weeks the directors were sitting round a table discussing elements of digital strategy, message and language & culture with Mary. The meeting took around 3 hours and resulted in a clearer view of the way forward in terms of global web strategy, and some easily implementable tips for taking advantage of the evident opportunities in North America, Europe and the Far East. A particular area of benefit in the light of the weaker pound is the company’s ‘Made in UK’ offering, other recommendations related to the strength in certain markets of the company’s own brand.

The detailed report and associated guides mean that many of the recommendations can be implemented in house – particularly those relating to international SEO. Others can be implemented by external providers, such as web developers, professional translators and overseas partners.

Quote from Caroline “ Having been advised to reach out to Mary we absolutely consider it one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Easily implementable ideas and a pragmatic approach to achieving our ambitions mean that we are certain we have success in our sights.”

To find out how to benefit from our Reviews, send us an email specifying your location, and a number to call you if possible.

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