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Getting in shape to go Global



Greg Young, John Knights and Danielle Grant – Directors of LeaderShape Global



LeaderShape is a global team of business leaders with experience in the fields of Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence and Transpersonal Leadership. They provide bespoke programmes that embed accelerated leadership maturity into the daily life of an organisation.

The company had started to see growth from new business overseas and were aware that their website and online presence were no longer reflecting the company or supporting continued and future global growth. They were recommended to have an International Communications Review (ICR).

‘We were not really sure of how the review process would be, we were in transition with the website and had both the old and early stages of new website to be reviewed and we needed help to be clear on what was working and what wasn’t, with a road map informing the next steps that needed to be taken to enhance and complete the new global website.’ 


The review delivered an online health check and a comprehensive report which covered a brief overview of the status quo, observations on communication strengths and weaknesses, recommendations as to possible improvements, sources of information as well as Guides on different aspects of the website strategy.

The review covered the following areas:

  • Design, navigation and technical

  • International web strategy (domain registration, international section, local sites)

  • International web content (user-friendly content in English for non-native speakers of English, making it easy for web visitors to contact you, to buy from you)

  • Translation/localisation

  • International web promotion (search engine optimisation.)

  • International website presence (directory listings, social media.)

  • Implementation and monitoring (web statistics, resources for implementing recommendations.)



‘The review process was smooth and delivered an almost forensic analysis of traffic, domain name acquisition and IP.’

‘We have implemented many of the recommendations from the review and have seen an improvement in International online presence and increase in website user traffic.’

‘As a result of the review we have changed our company name to LeaderShape Global and purchased a new domain name to enable country pages and translated content to be added as we move into new locations and start relationships with new global partners.’

‘The website is now easier to navigate and adaptive for mobile users.’

To find out how to benefit from our Reviews, send us an email specifying your location, and a number to call you if possible.

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