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Welcome to Your Ancestry & your Relatives' Family details

These pages were created so that you can navigate your place in the Family Tree which was put together in November 2023.

Click the green tree image below (or choose "Fam2023" menu above if you are on a non-mobile device) to see the Family Tree and start researching your ancestry and relatives. The Family Tree includes your face picture, plus those of individuals who are related to you.

Click on the Login bar near the top of pages to be assigned as a Member and be logged in to see more information. Once you become a Member, you will also be able to upload and add new items (e.g. photos) on the Forum and other pages in future.

If you do not have membership or your login attempt fails, please contact another family member who has access to this page and provide an email address, so Kamran can add you.

Best of luck and have fun!

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