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InPage is a multi-language Desktop Publishing application for Windows and Macintosh. It first revolutionised large swathes of the newsprint and broadcasting industries in South Asia during the mid 1990s. With over a million users worldwide, it subsequently became an industry-standard page design and word-processing tool for digital/ web, as well as print publishing in Urdu, Persian, Arabic, English & other languages individually or under one roof.

Originally conceived by one of our founders and developed in collaboration with Concept Software, InPage operates much like earlier versions of Quark XPress and InDesign. Its functionalities allow easy creation of pages from a simple letter to magazines and books, but its main selling point is the integration of right-to-left writing systems, the most complex of which is calligraphic Urdu (or Nastaliq).

InPage comes with several fonts included for the languages of Urdu, Arabic and Persian, which are Unicode based, allowing import and export of text in these languages from other standard programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.


InPage also handles lesser-known languages of the region such as Pashto (Pushtu), Sindhi, Kurdish and Saraiki, using their special character sets.

Email us if you wish to find out more or procure this software for your enterprise.

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