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Language Market was born out of the belief that the way to help clients engage with international markets is to aid them secure the services of a Best-of-Class provider who pays close attention to their needs.

With a few decades of combined experience working in international businesses (see profiles below), our founders have put their unique knowledge to good use. They have created an enterprise focused on helping companies carry out projects for targeting relevant countries and cultures, e.g. translations, interpreting, document/ web localisation or handling multilingual video & audio.


Along with valuable advice to manage & execute appropriate communication strategies online and offline, our range of services span a wide section of what your enterprise may need in an age beyond globalisation, when going local is the key to international success for enterprises large and small.

Kamran Rouhi

Kamran (also known to his friends and colleagues as Cameron) has over 20 years' experience in running translation and software localisation businesses in London. He founded Multilingual Solutions in the early '90s which effectively pioneered the model for integrated language services companies. His vast network of professionals with credentials is accompanied by his own contacts and experiences that stretch far and wide, including Western Europe, Middle East, South and East Asia.

Among his other successes Kamran conceived and helped develop a multi-language Desktop Publishing software package which revolutionised the newspaper and broadcasting industries as well as Word Processing and home publishing in large parts of South Asia. He has also been a (UKTI & later DIT) government accredited Adviser, helping over 200 small and large companies internationalise their web presence and improve their exports since 2014.

A London university graduate in Mathematics and Computing, Kamran is actively multilingual with knowledge of languages in Europe and Asia.  He enjoys authentic Latin music & dance in his spare time.

Laurence Pivert

Laurence has over 15 years of experience in market analysis working for American telecoms start-ups as well as global leader Cisco. She has spent an additional nine years working in language services, international recruitment; and since 2017 helping manage the account of an American global E-commerce giant in IT procurement and integration in the UK & Europe.


With degrees in Spanish and Chinese from the University of Paris, Laurence is fully bilingual in French and English and has working proficiency in Spanish & Italian. In addition, she has studied, and gained knowledge in other, non-European languages.


Laurence has undergone several substantial training courses, initially in international trade during her early career, and later at Cisco Systems' International Business Consulting Group.


A keen gardener in her spare time, Laurence also enjoys world cinema and reading Scandinavian Noir among other genres, when she can find time away from work and parenting.

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