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Medium Sized Businesses

At Language Market we have dealt directly with over one thousand businesses whose turnover varies from five figures to ten-figure sums. Many of these are smaller companies, SMEs or when larger, 'MSBs' in the jargon. They occupy all sectors of the economy, and a proportion of them is listed on our Clients Page.

When helping business internationalise, one of the guiding principles is that although no company is too small to have big ambitions for international expansion, it is how these wishes are prioritised and implemented with the existing resources of the company, which matters most.

What we do know is that motivated owners & managers of medium-sized companies aim to go through the journey of international expansion with a realistic & hard-headed approach. Our providers are in a very good position to understand how your business operates when it comes to allocation of resources, and the compromises that need to be made. Click on a link below to find out more:

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