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Multilingual Typesetting (Document Design Localisation)


We bring to you the services of (probably the world's) most highly experienced multilingual page design studio. We will manage the design of any marketing, packaging, training or other material using the latest software and fonts in over 60 languages, from Arabic, Chinese & Japanese to Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

For estimates, please let us know the following in an email and/ or attach the document, [we aim to provide a bespoke cost within 3 working hours]:

  1. Total page count

  2. (Approx.) number of simple pages

  3. (Approx.) number of 'complex' pages

  4. Language(s) involved

  5. Can you provide the InDesign (or equivalent source) file?

  6. Required turnaround

Note: If you are able to send us a PDF, or the source file, we are more likely to provide a more accurate estimate


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